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Lucky Weekend Gateaway at Puerto Galera 2016 (with total expenses)

We all have our own lucky days, the feeling that you get when you’re feeling uncomfortable like you know something not good is about to happen but instead it turned out all as how you planned it. Yes I had one of those, or rather my friends and I shared the same experience last November 25 – A day before our trip to Puerto Galera, a typhoon entered and all flights & boat travels are cancelled. We got frustrated because we’ve been planning this trip for weeks. And so, we still decided to risk and continue the adventure.

Batangas Port
Lots of stranded people
Before we leave Batangas Port

We ‘re supposed to buy a roundtrip ticket to Puerto Galera from Batangas Port for only 500php/head, however, the Coast Guard aren’t letting small boats to travel because of the typhoon so we decided to book a one way ticket to Calapanan via 2Go (which an hour or two away from Puerto Galera beach) for 150php/head with snack (we were given a cookie and small mineral water) plus terminal fee of 30php /head.

Cookie and Water for snackkksss!
Me, my friend Andrea and Alarice

We arrieved in Calapan, Mindoro all sleepy and tired since we went to Batangas Port right after our office hours and since there’s a typhoon, the waves are really really huge which made us a little dizzy.

We survived!!
The sky are smiling upon us 😛

We went straight to White Beach to grab lunch since we had a rough morning.


And so, we ended eating up in Food Trip. If I would given a chance to review the food that we ate, I would probably give them 2 stars. First, food looks good on menu but not personally and second, it’s expensive (considering it’s serving and taste of food).

After having lunch we headed to our gorgeous resort.

Bamboo House Beach Lodge and Restaurant in Talipan Beach, Mindoro

Click here to see more pictures and review.


We arrived in the resort all tired and sleepy so we decided to nap and woke up late afternoon to check the entire resort. And of course, we took advantage of the resort since we’re the only ones who are booked that day. Pictorial day 1. Lol!

We decided to call it a day as early as 7pm.

We woke up early to catch the sunrise.

We didn’t had supper the night before because we decided to sleep it off so we’re all starving. We have a free breakfast but we’re advised that it will be served by 8am and it’s only 6pm so we looked for nearby resto that offers breakfast  at that time.

Mengie’s White Sand Beach Resort


Tita Mengie just woke up when we came in and told us that she was only able to prepare 2 types of silog that morning, Cornsilog and Tocilog. It was delicious!

And took a stroll after we had our breakfast.


When we got back in the resort, we’re told that they’re ready to serve us breakfast. We’re like “We just ate kuya!”  and fortunately they offered that we can have it anytime we want, so we told kuya to serve it between 10-11am instead.

Rock Balancing
Pictorial Day 2 – lol!



We also did Kayak (you can borrow it from the resort, it’s free!)

We went back to the resort to have our breakfast and it was really lovely and instagramable.


Yummmmmmmm! Our accommodation with Bamboo House is worth it. After our breakfast we headed back to our room, packed our bags and we’re fetched by Minolo Shipping Lines, we bought return ticket with pick up from accomodation for 325php/head.

Puerto Galera Port
Back to Batangas Port after an hour

Overall, our overnight experience in Puerto Galera, though we’re not able to stroll around to check out their falls nor other beaches was a memorable experience, I really had great time and felt relaxed with our stay in Bamboo Beach House, I totally recommend it for adventurers who’s looking for a resort with less people and perfect ambiance. They have hospitable and accommodating staff.

To book your accomodation, kindly PM them on Facebook:
Bamboo House Beach Lodge & Restaurant

Breakdown of expenses and tips:

*Alps Cubao (Ali Mall) to Batangas port 175php (3hrs)
*Supercat ferry to Calapan 150php w/ free snack
*Terminal Fee at Batangas port 30php
*Trike from Calapan port to Jeep Terminal to Puerto Galera 20php each for 5pax
*Jeep to Puerto Galera 80php
*Tricycle to White Beach 30php each for 5pax
*Tricycle to Talipanan Beach 100php
*Minolo Shipping Lines return ticket with pick up from accomodation 325php
*Bus to Kamias Cubao 175php
Bamboo Beach House 1800php for 3pax with free breakfast
– FREE Kayak

*NO ATM around
*Bring tons of water
* Good signal for both smart and globe, not sure for sun.


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