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The glorious beauty of Hagimit Falls

This is a part of our second day DIY tour in Davao City last May 2016.
Check main blog post for my Davao del Sur & Samal Island adventure.

Entrance Fee:
Adult: 40php/head
Kids: 20php/head
Environmental Fee : 5php/head

• Rental:
Chairs/Table Starts at 50php
Open Cottage: starts at 150php
Closed Cottage:  600php – Overnight (Good for 2 persons)

• Facebook Page: Hagimit Falls and Natures Park

• You’ll need to go down the stairs to reach the falls which means you need to climb up so be prepared with your cardio workouts. There are handrails if you need to slow it down.

The alluring mystique of Samal isn’t only filled with white sand beaches. Face to face with its enigmatic and glorious beauty, you will be awestruck at its looming waterfalls.


The Hagimit Water Falls is quite small, but it all falls naturally. The pool that catches the cool water is all preserved in its natural form giving the visitors a delightful dive spot. Recently the locals’ added some cottages for the visitors comfort and for an income for them as well.


Unfortunately, there were lots of visitors around and its just a bit hard to enjoy it when you don’t own the place. My friends and I stayed at the top where the waters come from but the exciting one was in the middle part where you can jump and even make back flips as well. There are karaoke playing but not like what I experienced in Bolinao, Pangasinan when I went to visit Bolinao Falls. Overall, it’s a really nice place. I’d love to go back and visit this place again.

Poblacion Peñaplata, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao, Philippines

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