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Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary – The world’s largest known population fruit bats

This is a part of our second day DIY tour in Davao City last May 2016.
Check main blog post for my Davao del Sur & Samal Island adventure.

• You are required to attend a short seminar/introduction before you can enter further to have a brief idea about what’s inside the sanctuary. They will also tell you the DO’s and DONT’s inside/house rules.
• Entrance Fee: 100php/head
• The bat cave have a foul smell (mapanghi), it’s bearable if you ask me but most are complaining so I advise that you bring a hanky or face mask.
• Official Website: Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary


Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary is located at Brgy. Tambo, Babak District which is around 15-20mins away from Babak Wharf. It is included in our DAY 2 tour in Samal Island where we first visited Vanishing Island.


The Iñigo-Monfort family has maintained the area since the 1900s. Norma Monfort is the current owner of the 57 acres of land including its 1.8 million fruit bats. She enclosed the property to discourage any possible bat hunters.

Fruit bats are an extremely popular type of bat that can also be called megabats. The bats originate from tropical regions of the Old World. They don’t hibernate and since they dislike the cold, tropical regions suit them best. Fruit bats diet includes fruit and nectar.

With such an abundant amount of fruit bats, visitors can get an up close look from outside any of the five entrances. Visitors cannot enter because any disturbance can cause panic to the bats. Late afternoon is suggested to be the best time to visit because of the daily Circadian flight. The Circadian flight occurs right after sunset, when millions of bats fly out of the cave to find food.

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