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Beautiful City of Davao, Digos & Samal Island 2016 (Itinerary and tips)

Davao these days is synonymous with two things – durian and President Duterte. Like you’ll find durian stalls everywhere and Mayor Duterte’s stamp can be seen all over this city. The entire city is pretty similar to Manila but it’s way cleaner and more organized. People are disciplined, you won’t see people smoking in public places and not throwing a single piece of candy wrapper around.

Waiting for our flight – tatlong galang bibeh!

We’re able to book a cheap ticket to Davao last May 1, 2016 via Cebu Pacific. Though we’re only able to book for 3 days since we have work and only allowed to take a leave for 1 day we’re all still excited because we’re looking forward to visit Samal Island and Vanishing Island. April – May is the hottest season in Davao so we get to really enjoy the summer season when we got there. If you prefer a slightly cozy weather then I suggest you visit Davao from December – February.

Welcome to Davao City!!

DAY 1: (Camp Sabros, Kublai Art Museum, Mt. Apo Highland Resort/Mirror Lake,  Lon Wa Temple & Japanese Tunnel)

(Please click link for more pictures, how-to & other tips)

Camp Sabros

I experienced 2 “first time” in this place. (


We didn’t stay long since we need to get to our next destination.

• Kublai Art Museum

It’s nature and are in one awesome place. (


Then we went to visit Civet Coffee Farm, unfortunately they’re no longer allowing people to go inside where they keep the Musang (Civet) because other people keeps on giving these poor creatures human food which destroys their coffee diet. I wasn’t able to take any pictures as well since my phone got drained.

• Mt. Apo Highland Resort / Mirror Lake

They have really cozy ambiance that would make you want to stay for the night. (Read more..)


After Mirror Lake kuya Manong drove us back to Bus Terminal to Davao City. We took a bus back to Davao City (170php/head)

• Lon Wa Temple – Davao Del Sur

Biggest Buddhist temple in the Philippines. (


Then we decided to spend the night in Samal Island so we can rest and it’s easier to travel the next day. From SM City Davao we asked people around how to get to Sasa Wharf.

Sasa Wharf to Babak Wharf (Samal Island) – 10php/head – 10mins travel time

DAY 2: Samal Island (Vanishing Island, Monfort Bat Cave, Hagimit Falls, Giant Clam Sanctuary & Canibad Beach)

– For the whole day tour – we rented a tricycle and paid 1,200php.

We woke up as early as 5am to start our tour in Samal Island. Our first destination is Vanishing Island, we need to be really early so we can stroll around the island.

• Vanishing Island

A permanent island which is exposed at low tide but is submersed at high tide. (Read more..)


We spent 30-45mins roaming around and taking pictures in this spectacular island. Then we headed next to our next stop –

Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary

The world’s largest known population of Geoffrey’s Rousette fruit bats. (Read more..)


After the short seminar and wandering around Monfort, we decided to continue to our next destination –

• Hagimit Falls

The beauty of Mother Nature is just within reach at Hagimit Falls. (Read more..)


We got tired and hungry so we decided to grab a lunch in palengke after we went to Hagimit Falls. We also bought snacks and drinking water that we can bring to our next stop –

•  Giant Clam Sanctuary – Taklobo Tours

Meeting up with kuya Robert in Adecor Beach (Boat tour to Giant Clam Sanctuary)

Snorkeling at the giant clam sanctuary is one of the best experience I’ve encountered when we visited Davao. It’s my first time to come face to face with these creatures and I loved it. I even found a.. (Read more…)


After our tour in Giant Clam, we decided to visit Canibad Beach instead of Moncado “White House” Village.

•  Canibad Beach Resort

If you want peace and to simply enjoy the view, visit Canibad Beach now.. (Read more..)


After our tour in Canibad Beach we went straight to our resort where we spent the night to get some rest then the next day we went back to Manila.

Traveling to a new place especially outside Manila is the best therapy for me. Meeting new people, exploring new places especially the undiscovered beaches is a dream come true. I wish I get to do this more often. Overall, I love our Davao trip though it’s kinda “bitin”it makes me want to come back soon and explore more.

For 3 days and 2 nights we spent more or less 4,000php/head – accomodation, food, fare, habal habal, entrance fee and pasalubong.


SIDE TRIP @ Japanese Tunnel in Davao Del Sur

• Entrance Fee: 50php/head

We’re not able to take much pictures here because it’s dark and the tour is short – There’s nothing to look forward on this place but a 10-minute walk inside a dark, muddy, wet, earthy-smelling cave which historical information discussed by guide can be googled and replicas inside the cave are unappealing. We took a taxi from the town proper to get here. We paid 150php/taxi.



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