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Bolinao Pangasinan Weekend Trip

Last April 2016, we decided we need a new place to explore. I’ve searched online “Top 10 must visit near manila” bunch of times and Bolinao Pangasinan was always on the list and i thought why not give it a try. This time I didn’t really feel like making a long list of places I need to visit so I checked online and just choose the best ones.

How to get there?
via Bus – Bus Liners in Cubao (Victory Liner and Five Star) bound to Bolinao proper. Fare is around 450PHP more or less and travel time is 5-6 hours.

We arrived late night so we took a tricycle and asked Kuya Driver if he knows any cheap resort that we can spend the night and he brought us at Dos Flores Resort. We paid 500PHP for 4-5 hours stay. I haggled of course. 😛

Dos Flores Beach Resort
Our ride for the whole day – Kuya Driver

We paid kuya driver 1.2k for the whole day by the way.

We started the day with a coffee then we headed to:

Bolinao Falls 1:
Entrance fee: 50PHP/head
Parking fee: 20PHP

Honestly, I didn’t really appreciate it. I mean, it’s crowded, too many karaoke playing all at the same time, trash everywhere. We didn’t really stay long. Kuya Driver told us that maybe the other falls is not crowded and so we went there.

Bolinao Falls 1

Bolinao Falls 2:
Entrance fee: 50PHP/head
Parking fee: 20PHP

Again, when we got here it’s crowded and it’s really noisy. I think maybe because it’s weekend.

Bolinao Falls 2

Along our way to Enchanted Cave we asked Kuya Driver if we can check out what’s under the bridge (because the water looks clean).

Under the bridge in Brgy. Balingasay


Apparently when we reached Enchanted Cave it’s again crowded and the entrance fee is too much. My boyfriend said it’s not worth to pay much if we’re not going to enjoy so we asked Kuya Driver and he suggested “Wonderful Cave”.

Wonderful Cave
Entrance Fee:

When we got there i’m pretty shocked that there’s no other people other than us. I asked Kuya Driver and he told us that it’s being handled by a family that lives there and it’s not really well known.


Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
2nd tallest Lighthouse in the Philippines.


After Cape Bolinao, we went to Patar Beach, and as expected it’s crowded, noisy and there’s trash everywhere. Again, we asked Kuya Driver if he knows any cheap accommodation, which lead us to Rock View Garden Beach Resort.

Rock View Garden Beach Resort
Well, of all places we’ve been to in Bolinao, this is one of the places/resort that I really liked.

Rock View Cave


Rocky Kulit!

I’m not sure if we’re cursed or we’re just unlucky but on sundays there are no ATM working and we’re running out of budget so we decided to spend the night in a tent. We paid 1,200PHP for the tent and entrance fee. For me it’s okay considering it’s not crowded and there are no noisy karaoke playing. You get to enjoy the view and sea breeze.

Our crib for the night

I met Rocky the naughty pup who follows me around and bites my ankle if I don’t pet or play with him.

Stealing our bread eh! ~


Secret paradise inside the resort


And we took advantage of this picture perfect sunset.


If given a chance to give Bolinao a second try I would, as long as it’s a weekday. We both had a great weekend still. We really enjoyed our stay at Rock Garden Resort and least enjoy Patar Beach and Enchanted Cave on this trip.

• We spent more or less 2,500PHP/each on this trip for 2 days 2 nights. Accommodations, Tricycle hire, Food, Round trip from Manila to Bolinao.
• Good signal for both Globe and Smart – not sure with Sun.
• Food is kinda expensive when you’re far from Palengke (Wet Market). 30-45mins away from Patar beach – it’s not easy to find a tricycle that will take you there.
•  You can visit all tourist spot in 1 day.


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